Our Products

Readymix Concrete Delivery

Same Day Delivery Available (call dispatch for scheduling and pricing.)

Specialty Readymix products

Our staff can assist you with your project's needs. We offer a wide variety of concrete additives. Please contact our sales department for more details.

Colored Concrete

We carry all INTEGRAL color options from Davis Colors, Scofield, Solomon, and Brickform. Color charts and samples available.
(View basic color choices; custom colors available upon request.)


We carry Grace Regular Fibers as well as Micro(Stealth) Fibers. Reduces chances of plastic shrinkage cracking and improves the life of your concrete.

Asphalt Supply

We offer a wide variety of Hot Mix Asphalt including 1/2" medium and occasionally 3/8" asphalt if requested the day before. We also carry the uniquely blended Cold Mix Asphalt(Cutback) below.

Recycling of Concrete & Asphalt - $50+ per load pending inspection (more for loads over 4 tons)

Bring us your broken or used concrete and asphalt rubble with no rebar extending over 1 foot.

Please no brick, dirt or wood - we cannot accept loads contaminated with these materials.

Recycled Base Rock

3/4" Recycled Aggregate Base

Recycled Drain Rock

Less expensive drain rock for drainage

Virgin 3/4" Class II Drain Rock

3/4" x 1/2"

Entrance Rock

1.5" Entrance Rock 

Cutback (Cold Patch)

Often used for temporary patch & repair (potholes, damaged roads, etc.)

Miscellaneous Rock & Sand Supply

Please contact our sales department for detailed information on our various sizes of rock and sand.


We also carry PGE Fill Sand, Concrete Sand(Above), 3/4 Virgin Base Rock(Above left), 1/4" x Dust, Manufactured Sand, and Tac Oil/SS1

Additional Services

Rock & Sand Transfer Truck Delivery

Please call to check delivery availablity and pricing for orders over 24 tons.

Utility Concrete Blocks - $100 per block

Sized 30"x30"x60" and Smaller Blocks

Public Scale Weight Certification

Our County certified scale is available for your DMV vehicle weight certification. Please bring VIN#.